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Master in Urban Analysis and Management

Final Exam

  • The final exam consists in the discussion of a written paper.
  • To be admitted to the final exam candidates must be in compliance with the payment of the registration fee and submit, at least 30 days before the final discussion, to the Post-Graduate Secretariat, a special stamp application, available at following the path Teaching-Master Department of History, Archeology, Geography, Art and Entertainment. The application must be accompanied by receipt of the payment of the fee provided by the University, for the academic year of graduation, as a refund of stamp duty and parchment.
  • The elaborate can be realized with multimedia supports. The discussion of the work will have to take place in the presence of a special commission by 30 April of the year after the beginning of the master.
  • The final score is expressed in one hundred and tenths and special mention if any.
  • The average score reported in the intermediate checks will be used for the final vote, which will be calculated with a weighted arithmetic average.
  • The candidate who, after the final deadline for the final examination, will not have obtained the title, will be able to access the Master course again, if activated with the same access requirements, after selection and further registration, with possible recognition of the activities performed and of the credits accrued by the Authorizing Committee.
last update: 30-Oct-2018
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