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Master in Urban Analysis and Management

Required Skills

The qualification required to be admitted to the selection for Master enrollment is a BA
Degree obtained in:
  • Architecture;
  • Preservation of cultural heritage;
  • Economy and social Disciplines;
  • Environmental Economics;
  • Tourism Economics;
  • Economy and business;
  • Economy for arts, culture and communication;
  • Political economy;
  • Geography;
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Engineering for the environment and the territory;
  • Letters;
  • Oriental languages ​​and civilizations;
  • Territorial and urban planning;
  • Territorial, urban planning and environmental planning;
  • Land policy;
  • Agricultural sciences;
  • Agricultural, tropical and subtropical sciences;
  • Environmental Sciences;
  • Administration Sciences;
  • Cultural Sciences;
  • Sciences and techniques of interculturality;
  • Economic, statistical and social sciences;
  • Forest and environmental sciences;
  • Natural sciences;
  • Political sciences;
  • Demographic and social statistics;
  • Tourist Sciences;
  • Social services;
  • Sociology;
  • Statistics;
  • History and conservation of architectural and environmental heritage;
  • History and conservation of cultural heritage;
  • History;
  • Urban planning;
The academic qualifications obtained abroad will be evaluated by the Authorizing Committee or by a specially appointed Commission.
last update: 30-Oct-2018
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