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Master in Urban Analysis and Management

Learning Goals

  • The first level Master course has begun from the academic year 2011/2012; this course aims to train professionals who will operate in the government of the territory and who can combine an in-depth expertise in the analysis of the socio-territorial context with the necessary knowledge to translate the analysis into tools of urban and territorial planning.
  • The master is presented jointly by the following Departments: SAGAS (as leader), DSPS and DiDA.
  • The Master excels for its own contents, compared to similar courses, under different points of view. First of all, the Master reserves great attention to territorial analysis: it aims to provide students with skills that allow not only to formulate an overall historical-territorial framework but, above all, to examine in detail the different demographic, social, economic aspects, etc. that contribute to defining the problems of an area, as well as the resources to focus for territorial development. The emphasis given to the analytical moment is embodied in the Master as energy dedicated to providing the student with all the theoretical and technical-methodological tools to make the analysis as solid base for the analysis instead of being a purely discursive horizon. Furthermore, the Master addresses the design moment both in general terms, with reference to territorial dynamics and territorial governance models debated by sectorial international literature, and in very specific terms, with reference to individual case studies
  • Official language of the Master is English
last update: 22-Oct-2018
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